General conditions


• MUCHA FINCA FRANCHISING S.L, B-54711700, with address at Avenida del Mediterráneo 64, local 2, postal code 03503, Benidorm (Alicante), acts under the trade name (hereinafter in the current section of tourist accommodation.

• All homes are subject to the tourist accommodation law approved by decree law of February 11, 1997.

Reservations and conditions

The holder of the reservation and the signatory in case of being different, assume in this contract all the responsibility agreed herein.

• offers exactly the same accommodation reserved on its website, without changes in location, floor plan, characteristics, equipment and views. Your entry time is from 4:30 p.m. (high season can be delayed to 6:00 p.m.) and your departure time is at 11:00 a.m. maximum.

• As a general rule, guests may cancel or modify the reservation without expenses or penalties of any kind, up to 30 days before arrival (Check-In). Check the conditions on their platform where they made the original reservation. In the event that guests wish to modify their reservation after the deadline, they must contact and inform them of said modifications, which will be subject to availability. If guests cancel their reservation 30 days before arrival, will charge the entire stay or, failing that, check the reservation conditions on their original platform. In the event of discounts and supplements, the amount requested as a deposit will not be returned, the reservation being non-refundable.

• reserves the right of admission. Guests who show symptoms of drunkenness or inappropriate behavior will not be admitted and will not be entitled to any refund or compensation, losing the entire reservation.

• will export the data of the guests to the competent authorities according to the Law. It is mandatory to present yourself at the check-in with the original and valid documentation.

• Guests accept that can provide their data to the administration of the community of owners of the reserved accommodation in case they are requested.

• reserves the right to update prices, apply offers and standard rates.

• will never be able to change the rates once they have been reserved.

• is a management company, which carries out the work of mediation between the owner and the guest.

• makes complaint forms available to guests.

• Each establishment is governed by its internal community rules of owners, so guests agree to comply with these rules. Failure to comply with these rules will be cause for immediate expulsion, losing the guest the entire amount of the remaining reservation.

• Exceeding the number of people according to the capacity of the apartment will be grounds for expulsion.

• Accommodations with parking advertised on the web (no garage space), do not guarantee their availability in mid and high season, being subject to availability.

• is not responsible for establishments that are carrying out works during the low season. They are governed by their internal regulations without the obligation to notify of said works.

• uses external providers for ticket sales and services such as the Internet and international television, so it is exempt from any responsibility in the event of a provider's malfunction or error. will provide the guest holder of the reservation with the data of the external company in case they want to file a claim.

• The client exempts from any responsibility or damage suffered in the accommodation, either to the holder of the reservation or to any of the guests.

• The accommodations have chemical cleaning elements that are dangerous to health if they are ingested or handled improperly. is not responsible for their use by clients or any adult or minor guest. The use and handling of the same is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the guests.

• does not allow pets in most of the accommodations, and in those that are allowed, the guest must inform the type and characteristics of the pet at the time of booking. will apply an extra charge reflected in each accommodation that allows pets per stay.

Damage deposit

• An amount between €200 and €3,000 will be required for each reservation (consult your reserved accommodation) as a deposit for possible damages caused. This deposit may be deposited by credit card, by withholding or in cash. The deposit will be refunded within a period not exceeding 7 working days, respecting the period established by law, once it has been verified that there are no damages caused by the guests. In the case of having made a withholding on the card, it will be released from said withholding, and in the case of having paid the deposit in cash, it will be returned to the account number that you must provide to and it will be paid by the guest the bank commissions in case they existed. If there were damages caused by the guests, will carry out an evaluation of them, and will retain said amount until the damages caused are repaired or replaced, returning the rest and attaching an invoice to the guests. If the damage caused is greater than the amount deposited as a deposit, Mucha Finca Franchising S.L will claim the full amount of the repair through the courts, with the guest assuming all costs.

• Guests are obliged to notify on the same day of entry, of any type of defect or damage to the leased property, if any. Otherwise, will charge guests for any expense caused by damage to the rented accommodation, at the time of departure (Check out) without prior notice. Attaching the relevant invoices in writing.

• In case of damage or deterioration during the stay, will require sending a photo and description by WhatsApp to the telephone number that will be provided during the check-in of the damage or deterioration, before sending the maintenance team for repair. . will require the guest permission to access inside the property to carry out the repair. In the event that the guest denies permission to enter without his presence to repair, will contact the guest 30 minutes in advance who must be in person at the accommodation, otherwise, will penalize the guest with 25 € for undue displacement and will postpone said repair until it is possible. In the event of a serious breakdown or a justified emergency, may access the accommodation without the consent of the guests.

• If the guest loses the keys, leaves them inside preventing them from opening the main door or forgets them inside the accommodation, will charge the following amounts in the guest's deposit depending on each case that are specified: If the reason is loss or misplacement of keys, will charge the entire cost of changing the lock, in addition to copies of the building portal lock and the remote control or parking key, if any. The cost of changing the lock with labor included ranges between €100 and €250. The cost of copying the building portal key is €15 for the simple one, €25 for the security key and €50 for the special security key. The cost of opening the door during office hours without having to change the lock is €50, and €100 outside office hours. The cost of opening the door during office hours with the need to change the lock is €50 added to the cost of changing the lock previously specified, and €100 added to the cost of changing the lock previously specified outside office hours. will provide if the guest wishes, the specific cost before entering and during check-in, since they are different accommodations and it cannot be set here except notifying the price scale, all the prices expressed in this point are without VAT included.

• will supply bed and bath linen in all accommodations. If a towel or bedding set is missing from the establishment's review, it will be charged to the credit card or withheld from the guest's cash deposit. All accommodations are provided with a medium and large towel per person and accommodation capacity, mattress protector, bottom sheet, sheet and duvet. The type of bed is published on the web. Towels cost €30 and bed linen €20 per piece.

• It is an obligation to deliver the apartment tidy, without garbage or food scraps, otherwise, reserves the right to penalize them with €50 if the apartment is not delivered in these conditions upon check-out.

• The client accepts through this contract the acceptance of the prices expressed and the total price of the reservation contracted through our own website, from any tour operator, page with an online reservation system or affiliated company.