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Spanish Gastronomy

The culture of Spain is a varied way of preparing dishes, which is enriched by the contributions of the various regions that make up the country. Original cuisine that oscillates between rural and coastal style, represents a diversity resulting from many cultures, as well as landscapes and climates. Spanish cuisine is strongly influenced throughout its history by the towns that conquer its territory, as well as the towns that it subsequently conquers and colonizes. This situation has provided a wide variety of culinary techniques and ingredients.

The varied concept of cooking makes some authors name it in the plural, like the "kitchens of Spain." In today's Spanish cuisine, two realities coexist: classical and popular cuisine based on tradition, and current cuisine that employs the most innovative and ingenious author cooking techniques, with chefs who have achieved recognized international fame. Despite this, classical cuisine has very deep religious roots. Some typical ways of eating in the Spanish regions have been internationalized, such as tapas. Among the Spanish ingredients, cheeses, which are of a great variety, are the result of an ancient livestock activity. It also highlights in the Spanish gastronomy the great variety of wines that it possesses, having achieved some of its famous wine regions and international recognition. While wine is the national drink, in some northern regions other drinks are very popular, as in the case of cider.

Valencian Gastronomy

Valencian cuisine is the one that is traditionally prepared in the Valencian Community. It is part of the Mediterranean diet due to the use of olive oil, vegetables and fish. There are important differences between the cuisine of the coastal areas, where fish and vegetables have a lot of prominence, and that of the interior, more rustic and with greater importance of meat products. However, both areas have in common the fact that characterizes Valencian cuisine: the use of rice. This cereal, cultivated since the Muslim era in Valencian lands, is very popular and used in many dishes, including the best known internationally: paella. Valencian oranges and mandarins are also known worldwide.


They should be cautious and avoid as much as possible tourist restaurants where food is usually of low quality with pre-cooked or under-prepared dishes. Avoid especially those who show pictures of the food in their letters.

It is important to take this warning seriously, as they could get an unpleasant feeling if they confuse this type of restaurants.


There are several indications of how to identify a low quality restaurant:

  1. As previously mentioned, stay away from those restaurants with photos of food in your menus.
  2. The price is confusing since the low quality restaurants aimed at tourists are usually also expensive. However, an average price in a good restaurant ranges from € 25 to € 50 per person. Only “Top” restaurants can be more expensive.
  3. In Spain awards and gastronomic awards are granted that are visible in the entrances or facades of the restaurants. They are easy to identify and guarantee good establishment.

Casino Mediterráneo is a reference point within the gaming and entertainment sector in the province of Alicante. Its three casinos in Benidorm, Alicante and Orihuela-Costa host daily tournaments of the Poker League, one of the regular competitions Texas Hold'em with one of highest numbers of participation in Spain. Casino Mediterranean Alicante also  offers also the eFortuny Poker Series, a circuit of national poker. In Casino Mediterranean  Orihuela – Costa we highlight the celebration of the Monthly Tournament Poker League.

In these venues we also support a cultural angles. In the casino of Alicante is 'Art at Casino', which displays temporary exhibitions of artists from our country and abroad, and other p cultural activities make this place a new cultural meeting point for the town.

In the exhibit room, have exhibited works by renowned artists, such as Alex Alemany, Joseph Albero or Rossend Franch. Throughout its history, with its beginnings in 2009, the casino has hosted book launches, poetry readings, performances and exhibitions. A total of over a thousand samples of painting, sculpture, photography and literature.

Meanwhile, Casino Mediterranean  Orihuela - Costa, opened in March 2013, born with the  aim of this cultural continuity. It has a 'Multi-purpose room' that can accommodate cultural exhibitions. These are made in the context of a leisure environment, different and well organised.

Besides the artistic branch, Casinos Mediterraneo also serves as a venue for carrying out social events such as fashion shows, events and gala dinners. Notably, more caring side of this entity, and who also participated in the celebration of charity events, working with non-profit organizations such as the Association of Intellectual Disability Leisure (AODI) or Blood Donors Association of the Province Alicante (ADSPA).

Benidorm Palace

The night dresses up for the occasion at Benidorm Palace. A show of vedettes, dances, magic, humour, and other different performances will make for a pleasant and really fun evening. For over 30 years, Benidorm Palace has been striving to bring to stage the magic of a live show night after night. The settings and the arrangements make for the ideal venue for celebrations. Moreover, our facilities have been specially adapted for all kinds of events: conferences, theatre productions, concerts, benefit galas, sport competitions… Benidorm Palace has produced some of the best shows in Europe, and provided the venue and its over 1,500 seats for the celebration of the Miss Spain Contest, the European Arts Forum, and plenty of other different conferences and concerts. This is an emblematic and award-winning venue of the Mediterranean coast, which has welcomed internationally renowned artists of the height of Julio Iglesias, Rudolf Nureyev, Lola Flores, Alejandro Sanz, and many more.

Conciertos y festivales

Benidorm are vibrations, music and experiences. A city full of life that makes you vibrate and excites who has the opportunity to enjoy one of the many events that are held throughout the year. A lot of concerts, festivals and musicals that you should not miss. World-class artists visit our city every year, through Benidorm have passed as Julio Iglesias, Elton Jhon, Alejandro Sanz, Ricky Martin or Lenny Kravitz among others.

Through this link: you can view all the available offer.

Nightlife in Benidorm

When the night is day

Benidorm is a city in constant movement, which is transformed and reinvented to offer greater quality and well-being to citizens and visitors. A leading city and a first-order destination that has an unsurpassed nightlife, leisure and shopping offer.

Its avant-garde nightclubs and 160 disco-pubs, are the reflection of the sparkling nightlife that is enjoyed in the city, with its festivals and varied environments concentrated on the Paseo de Levante, old town, Esperanto street and the National 332, in the direction to Altea, where the funniest clubs open their doors.

Terra Natura y Aqua Natura

Terra Natura Benidorm is a zoological park that develops an educational and conservation work in favor of the planet's biodiversity, through its participation in different international breeding programs for species in serious danger of extinction. The habitats of the supercontinent Pangea are recreated, as well as the continents of America, Asia and Europe.

Aqua Natura Benidorm is a water park that has 40 thousand square meters where you can find vertiginous slides, swimming areas for children and VIP areas reserved and exclusive to enjoy in a safe and familiar environment. ”

Terra Mitica

Terra Mítica is the theme park of Benidorm (Alicante, Valencian Community, Spain).

Its theme is based on ancient Mediterranean civilizations, represented in five thematic areas: Egypt, Greece, Rome, The Islands and Iberia. Its main attractions are Magnus Colossus, a Titanic wooden roller coaster, an inverted roller coaster with 5 investments; The Flight of the Phoenix, a free fall tower 54 meters high; Synkope, a giant pendulum; La Furia de Tritón, a splash with two falls of 10 and 15 meters high; Inferno, a fourth-dimensional roller coaster manufactured by Intamin Amusement Rides, a four-dimensional roller coaster, and Laotainto del Minotauro, an interactive dark ride, among others. Definitely an ideal option for all ages and a mandatory visit if you visit Benidorm.

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Mundomar is an animal park located in Benidorm and designed for the fun of children, young people and adults and perfect for family visit. The park has different species of mammals, birds and reptiles with which you can enjoy a great visit, complemented by different shows and the possibility of living special experiences such as swimming with sea lions or have an encounter with dolphins, or photograph you with different animals.


Aqualandia opened to the public in 1985 and was Spain's first ever water park.

As well as being one of the world's largest water parks, it is also one of the best-equipped as regards rides, services and customer service.

Aqualandia is located in an area of outstanding natural beauty, where one can enjoy a great variety of water rides, as well as other complementary services.

The Park covers an area of 150,000 square metres with 50,000 square metres' free parking. It also has abundant gardens with plants which are the typical of the zone.

The Park has great rides, which are classified according to the intensity of each one, to make sure that all visitors have an unforgettable day out with us. Other Aqualandia areas and services include a picnic area, souvenir shop, photography booth, ATM, floats, safe-deposit boxes for your valuables, lockers and recliners, among others.

Aqualandia offers a variety of self-service restaurants to cater for all tastes. From our snack bar, barbecue, pizzeria, Burger Bar and Ice-Cream stalls to our cafes and there's even a crepe stall and a kebab stand.

The vast amount of water which circulates around the different pools, slides and kids' attractions come from our own wells. The water is continually purified and recycled, using the most advanced water treatment systems.

Thus, if you are looking for a fun-filled day out with your friends and family, surrounded by water and fun, all with the most stringent safety measures, Aqualandia is your Park. Come and live the dream!


a Vila Joiosa is situated in La Marina Baixa, close to many other coastal cities to widen the cultural, gastronomical and touristic offer. There are different ways to get to La Vila Joiosa.

BY CAR: Easily accesible from the main Spanish and European cities, as it is in one of the junctions of the A7, 32, km. from Alicante and 8 km. from Benidorm.

The image of Vila Joiosa as a fishing village with multicolour facades and a busy fishing port, is complemented by several well-cared for beaches - both wide bays and inlets - with calm, clear waters.

Learn about the history of chocolate through all the curiosities and valuable pieces that Valor, over its more than 125 years of history, has brought together for you. Discover some fascinating secrets and let yourself be captivated by the long chocolate-making tradition of the Valor family, so deeply-rooted in Villajoyosa.


The situation of Altea, 50 km. Alicante, 10Km. Benidorm and 130km. Valencia will provide easy access.

Altea has a large Cultural Heritage. Throughout the municipality a large set of goods and assets that are part of the history of the municipality and that have marked its development from prehistory to the present day is preserved. Contributes to better know and understand people and to face the future from the maximum respect to our roots.

To enjoy the rich cuisine and a pleasant stay, Altea has something for everyone: traditional restaurants or author, vegetarian or international, rustic or design, with panoramic views, taverns, tapas bars, artisan ice cream shops, cocktail bars , cafes, lounges, Hammam, Spa, camping sites, tourist apartments, hostels, charming hotels, boarding houses, a five star resort ... an establishment for each style.

8 Km. Of coastline from Albir to Mascarat, Altea has beaches where you can practice all kinds of nautical activities such as beach Roda in the town center, by the proximity of the yacht club, or pot also joins a landscape and a very different seabed. From the Solsida begins a succession of small coves and beaches, such as El Mascarat or Galera, just where berthed Barbary corsairs or smugglers.

But towards the west we can go their ways to enjoy another sea of ​​gardens dotted with houses and hermitages that form a very unique landscape.

And the background the Sierra de Bernia, keeping the bay as they did fortresses, castles, primitive villages and small towns that housed. Countless excursions can be made to enjoy nature, for example following a circular path that goes around the entire Bernia or climb to the top from where you can see Ibiza on clear days.


The easiest ways to access El Castell de Guadalest are:

By car, from Benidorm on the CV-70, from Altea on the CV-755 and from Alcoy and Cocentaina also on the CV-70.

Guadalest is a municipality in the Valencian Community, Spain, located in the interior of the province of Alicante, in the Marina Baja region. It has been declared a Historic-Artistic Site since 1974 and is part of the Association The most beautiful villages in Spain.

Fortress of the eleventh century, created by Muslims, is located on the rock in the highest part of the municipality.

It had a very important role throughout the Middle and Modern Age, thanks to its strategic situation. The earthquakes of 1644 and 1748 and the blasting that suffered in 1708 in the War of Succession were the culprits of its destruction.

The Castell de Guadalest offers its visitors a rich and varied cuisine. The restaurateurs delight us with dishes of the national, international and typical cuisine of the area. Elconejo al “all i oli”, stuffed peppers, baked vegetables, “L’olleta de blat”, and all kinds of rice dishes made with natural products delight tourists.

We can not forget the desserts since in any of the restaurants, we can offer all kinds of cakes and sweets made by ourselves.

Callosa d`en Sarria

Located in the interior of the province of Alicante and a few kilometers from the east coast, Callosa d’en Sarrià can boast a good connection with both national, regional and conventional roads.

Callosa d'en Sarrià is a municipality in the lower Marina that is split by two rivers: the Algar River and the Guadalest.

Surrounded by the mountains of Aitana, Bernia and Aixortá, it enjoys a rich natural heritage. For these we find beautiful corners like the sources of the Algar, Fort Bernia or the Poador.

In the town center we find monuments such as the arciprestal church of San Juan Bautista or the Castle Walls.

In Callosa, the Níspero cooking show is celebrated, as well as its heritage parties, where you can witness the dances of Sant Jaume. These are celebrated on July 25, 26 and 27.

The Fuentes del Algar (or Fonts d'Algar) are a natural print inside Callosa d’en Sarrià, a small town 16 kilometers from Benidorm. It is a set of waterfalls connected by small water canals or rivers where we can bathe, one of the best places to enjoy the Costa Blanca.

These natural pools located in the province of Alicante, quite close to Benidorm, are a great tourist attraction, in fact in the summer months this area is more than inhabited. However, that this is not an impediment for you to get to know them, since it is quite worthwhile and there is always a free space along the fountains to enjoy them.

Keep in mind that the water, being from the mountain is quite cold and not everyone dares to bathe.